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Wilfie and Nell

228 W 4th St
New York, NY 10014

Dark, cozy, exciting, and homey vibes await at this beer-oriented bar. Gets crowded with a young, well-educated, post-grad population that will make you feel right at home and perfectly satisfied even if it's your only stop of the night.
This bar/gastropub is what the West Village is all about. Subtly and attractively tucked into the ground floor of a classic brick walkup on West 4th, the space maintains a reserved and slightly refined industrial atmosphere. The interior is appropriately filled with exposed brick, dark woods, and modest amounts of tufted leather. The bar also emphasizes low-key comforts with its superb list of beers written on chalkboards behind the tap.
On Friday and Saturday nights it tends to get crowded with a 20- and 30-something bunch, but a wait to get in will never be too long. Once inside, there's a decent amount of standing room if you're just looking to grab a couple drinks, and you can tell the crowd doesn't take themselves too seriously. And if munchies are your thing, you can't go wrong with extraordinarily fresh, locally sourced snacks.
All in all, when it's loud and busy at Wilfie & Nell you feel like you're celebrating a night out, but at other calmer times, you'll find yourself never wanting to leave this place that feels like the basement of your own house.
228 W 4th St
New York, NY 10014
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