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19 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10014

British food is done right in this surprisingly spacious Greenwich Village joint. The manager is incredibly accommodating, and the gin cocktails are particularly strong and flavorful, making it a great place for groups before a night out.
I first walked into Whitehall by chance on a Saturday night with a big group after our reservation elsewhere went awry. With 10 of us and no reservation, we weren't expecting much, but the hostess and manager quickly took us toward the back of the restaurant, rearranged some tables, and seated us immediately. The Roasted Chicken Breast was a big favorite, but don't ignore the specials. That night I devoured fish and chips (perfectly fried to the point that the fish had pulled away from its batter and steamed slightly inside the crunchy fried pocket) and a side of mushy peas that couldn't have been cooked any better.
Definitely order a specialty cocktail to accompany your dinner. The East Side (with Bombay East gin, mint leaves, lime, and cucumber), the No. 4 (with Greenalls gin, lime, basil, and black pepper), and the No. 12 (with Barhill gin, honey-thyme syrup, ginger, and lemon) are house favorites, and sometimes necessary as the kitchen isn't the quickest.
It's a restaurant that you'd be happy to return to when you're not in a rush.
19 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10014
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