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Tortilla Flats

767 Washington St
New York, NY 10014

A hilariously fun time awaits at Tortilla Flats, which seriously redeems some of the worst Mexican food being served in the city (like Baja Fresh is better). Just stick to the strong, cheap pitchers of margaritas on the rocks.
I first came here for a late dinner before a night out, and enjoyed it purely on the basis that I was with a group of fun people who embraced the rowdiness. The interior, while cramped, is bright and fun and full of string lights and confetti hanging from the ceiling. Tables tend to chat and interact, making it a welcoming experience.
The food, however, is horrifying. Your experience would actually be better if you just ignored the existence of the menu. While they claim the guacamole is made fresh daily, it's completely tasteless (something no amount of salt can undo) and tastes like it was actually recently squeezed out of a refrigerated plastic bag. I also made the unfortunate mistake of ordering the Veggie Quesadilla. Veggies, in this case, mean microwave steamed broccoli and carrots tossed into a cheap flour tortilla that has been lightly crisped with cheese product inside. Perhaps the only worthwhile item on the menu (if you really must) is the Chile con Queso, which was surprisingly flavorful and the most authentic.
There are some nights when you know you need to avoid the fine china and just get to business with some plastic pitchers, and the friendly crowd at Tortilla Flats is sure to make everyone feel at ease.
767 Washington St
New York, NY 10014
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