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The Back Room

102 Norfolk St
New York, NY 10002

One of the most well hidden bars in the Lower East Side, The Back Room can only be accessed by walking through an insignificant iron gate to the back of an old building. What awaits, though, are delicate cocktails served in prohibition-era teacups, worth every cent.
Sometimes the only way to feel like a true New Yorker is to walk down a dark alley in the middle of the night to somehow discover a hidden, vibrant corner of Manhattan that looks as if it has exuded class since the 1920s. If you happen to be in the Lower East Side and are craving a night like that, look for a bouncer or two standing in front of a small gate with a sign that reads "Lower East Side Toy Co" Down the alley is a stairway to the right that leads up to a red-walled, tin-ceilinged, plush interior taken straight from the past, featuring huge antique mirrors behind the bar.
Nearly everything in The Back Room fits the speakeasy's atmosphere without falling victim to a heavy handed theme. While expensive for their size, the teacups of cocktails bring the bar and lounge to a different level, and the Girl Friday with two types of gin, St. Germain, cucumber, and simple syrup is delicious for its price. The space is sometimes so dark that it becomes difficult to see the person next to you, but for the end of an evening it's a uniquely exciting spot to find.
102 Norfolk St
New York, NY 10002
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