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Sweetwater Social

643 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

While you might not find America's next top model hanging around this space, you will find a laid-back crowd enjoying mixed drinks and playing an occasional game of foosball or table shuffleboard until the place closes at 2.
Underneath the corner of Broadway and Bleecker lies Sweetwater Social, a spacious bar perfect for those who don't believe in waiting in lines or taking themselves too seriously on a Saturday night. With a series of versatile subterranean spaces to gather, the place takes on a lively atmosphere, with people drifting towards the long bar, the large projector screen playing the current game du jour, or the small foosball and shuffleboard tables off to the side. While the games are not the focus of the space, they have forced a relaxed vibe onto the crowd, making everyone feel comfortable wherever they choose to linger.
Because of this setup, Sweetwater Social is also a place that is better suited for larger groups that already know each other than for a couple of friends standing around and hoping someone will buy them a drink. As such, patrons tend to stick close together and don't seem to mind the relatively early closing time. They're already going home together.
643 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
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