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Sons of Essex

133 Essex St
New York, NY 10002

A bar whose cover is a small soda shop with a bouncer standing by the wooden door in the back. With its great vibe, great music, great crowd, and great bar snacks, you can't go wrong grabbing a drink at this cleverly rustic establishment.
The bar at Sons of Essex is one of the best spots in the LES to start your night out. While I've avoided having a full meal here, the quality and creativity of the drinks more than make up for the carnivore-based menu. The Peddler's Lemonade with Absolut cherrykran, VeeV, cranberry juice, and lemon, and the Old Law Margarita with homemade limeade, muddled cucumbers, ginger, jalapeno, and mint leaves both succeed at adding modern twists to otherwise down-home, rustic classics. While the bartenders might not be the friendliest bunch, they have an undeniable talent in quickly mixing up some sophisticated sips that appeal to the age group straddling the line between margaritas and highballs.
Recently, the restaurant and bar has started setting up games like Jenga and Connect Four at some of the bar tables, which has only added to the cozy, small town charm Sons of Essex has managed to cultivate in the middle of a trendy, young, urban scene. The dark, woody ambiance is emphasized even more with the large chalkboards above the long, rustic table in front of the bar, and again with the sunken pit and wraparound leather banquettes in the corner of the large space. On big game days, a large projector screen comes down against the back wall, making it a comfortable hangout for laid-back friends who know they want good drinks, but aren't interested in standing out in a crowd.
133 Essex St
New York, NY 10002
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