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381 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10016

A storied favorite for breakfast or brunch with breads and pastries as elegant and refined as the decor.
With its spacious interior full of high-end wood finishes, Sarabeth's seems as if it could have easily transported you into the heart of sunny Beverly Hills in the morning. A simple meal here leaves no doubt that this place is a classic, a timeless node of quality in the New York restaurant world.
That being said, the food can sometimes feel as if it were cranked out by a machine in a rush, and consistency often falters across the board. While the Eggs Benedict (also available with smoked salmon) is hearty and creamy and uniquely served on one corn muffin and one English muffin, the eggs themselves can oscillate between undercooked, overcooked, and occasionally just right even within a single dish. The Lemon Ricotta pancakes are also a sweet and fluffy favorite served with fresh berries, although like the rest of the menu's options, there is always a likelihood that one pancake or two will have missed the quality control check and will come served a little raw in the center.
Yet despite the imperfections in the food, the service and atmosphere have an upscale, yet simple comfort that makes every brunch entirely pleasant.
381 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10016
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