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186 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011

Pastai is the place to go when you want good, homemade pasta that doesn't take any risks. Their ability to substitute wheat-free pasta in any dish makes it a functional choice to take back any of my many gluten-free friends.
With an adorable interior full of whitewashed walls, subway tiles, and blonde wood tabletops, Pastai is more than a comfortable fit for the neighborhood. While it's not likely to become enough of a destination to convince many people to trek across town for a fairly concise menu, it's a wholly pleasant and charming corner of Chelsea that promises an easy meal for its neighbors.
While pasta dishes are humble and conventionally crafted, each features homemade noodles that make the menu special enough. The Gemelli con Burrata with broccoli rabe pesto, roasted tomatoes, and burrata mozzarella was a comfort food indulgence, despite being weighed down by a bit too much oil, a small flaw apparent in most of Pastai's dishes. The dishes do change regularly though, so there is always an opportunity to find a new pleasant gem, and the ambiance and hospitality of the service makes it an agreeable choice that won't ever blow you out of the water, but will certainly make you feel welcomed and at home.
186 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011
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