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Parker and Quinn

64 W 39th St
New York, NY 10018

Everything you want from a Midtown happy hour can be found at Parker and Quinn: incredible, cleverly concocted drinks, a busy, exciting vibe, and an almost secret, underground, unpretentious, glamourous, old world decor. Definitely a spot to become a regular.
I first went to Parker and Quinn to meet up with a friend after work, not really knowing what to expect. What we found when we walked in at 6 PM was a vibrant scene packed with 20- and 30-somethings. The bar was crowded, so we asked the hostess if we could sit at a table if we ordered some snacks and appetizers to share, and she was able to seat us almost immediately.
We took a seat just below a row of dark leather booths, whose slight elevation above the floor seemed to create intimate corners in the middle of an otherwise large, industrial-sized space. The decor is dark, rich, and full of leathers and other textures, making you feel as if you've entered an old Manhattan basement full of important people and secrets.
The drinks themselves are phenomenal, and actually add something special to infinite selection cocktails that exists in one large blur in Midtown. The Bell Boy, with plymouth gin, yellow pepper juice, agave nectar, and pink peppercorns is refreshing with an earthy little kick, and was so good I had to order it twice. The Luster also presented a nice twist on the classic combination of gin and cucumber, with white cranberry juice, Pimm's, and angostura bitters.
Parker and Quinn also has a great selection of snacks and small plates, and while we only ordered the Hummus, its rustic quality and freshness was the perfect complement to our drinks. By the time we left close to two hours later, the crowd had shifted toward a slightly older dinner bunch, and the dishes I saw served to them almost made me want to stay for more. I'm so looking forward to coming back.
64 W 39th St
New York, NY 10018
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