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Niu Noodle House

15 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10014

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Sometimes the craving for a hot bowl of ramen strikes when you're too far away from Chinatown to make the trip. In those moments, Niu Noodle House is the answer.
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While there is a population of knowledgeable locals and ramen aficionados that often frequent Niu, there is virtually never a wait for a table even on weekend nights, allowing for the quick service of comfortably satisfying ramen and dim sum.
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All soup noodles come with baby bok choy, a hardboiled tea egg, scallions, fried seaweed tempura, and sweet corn, and offer beef, chicken, vegetable, tomato, and spicy broths as options. While my preference will always be the ramen noodle, others are available as well. The Veggie Heaven combination with additional seasonal vegetables and assorted mushrooms was rich and filling, and the Shangi Chicken with a thinly sliced marinated and grilled chicken breast on top of the ramen was also seasoned well.
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When in the area, Niu is definitely the best place to indulge in a big, warm bowl of authentic, flavorful ramen.
85 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002
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