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88 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011

From the food to the setting, Morimoto is one of the most beautiful meals you will ever eat. And yes, you do have to check out the restrooms.
Everything about Morimoto is stunning. From the first steps inside what feels like the white, calcified fossil of a whale's ribcage to the wall of glass bottles lining the staircase, and from the sweeping interior space with bright, sexy views of the sushi bar to the bathrooms downstairs, whose warm, mirrored walls are hard to explain on paper, the restaurant itself is a testament to the shiny, elegant interior design than has populated the neighborhood.
All of these touches stand as a backdrop , however, to a menu so thoughtfully crafted by the Iron Chef himself. While the $135 Morimoto Omakase tasting menu is a worthwhile indulgence, the long sushi menu and main courses from $29-$39 offer a decadent range of expert options as well. For my most recent visit, I started with the Morimoto Sashimi that featured seared toro, salmon, tuna, hamachi, and wild shrimp in an artful display of quality and texture. One of the best and most exciting main courses offered is the Ishi Yaki Buri Bop, a yellowtail tuna on rice cooked in front of you at your table in a hot stone bowl. The bowl feels massively induglent compared to other, tighter sushi courses, but it is full of delicious surprises like alternating floral and herbaceous notes mixing with the flaky, citrusy fish. The Sea Bass with a sweet sake kasu, Japanese eggplant, and miso is also perfectly cooked and full of nuanced flavor.
While the scene at Morimoto on a Friday or Saturday night might evoke more of a swanky club atmosphere less suitable for dinner with parents, there will always be local guests visiting solely for the quality of the Japanese food, and during the week, the space seems perfectly fitting for a special occasion worthy of such a beautiful setting.
88 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011
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