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Frying Pan

Pier 66 Maritime
New York, NY 10001

A truly unique bar for New York located on an old boat permanently docked in the Hudson. Pitchers of sangria will make for the perfect lazy afternoon in the sun, while at night crowds will pack in for a different view of Manhattan.
Not for those with weak stomachs or those prone to seasickness, the Frying Pan is otherwise the perfect spot to waste away a (warm) afternoon or evening. Though the worn floors and white plastic chairs will throw you back to a comfortable, sandy evening on the beach, make sure to prioritize the weather when you're considering stepping aboard. The real experience of the Frying Pan is always on deck, and few things are less enjoyable than feeling stuck inside cramped quarters off land due to the rain or cold.
Those warm summer weekend evenings will guarantee a packed night, and perhaps a long line to get on, but during the weekdays, and particularly during the happy hour scene, the crowd feels just right. The food is what you would expect from a low-key burger shack, but the consistently strong, well-made pitchers of sangria and the fairly priced buckets of beer make it deserving of high reviews. Really, just a few steps off the island is a bar that hasn't yet grasped how great it is, but is sure to become a staple in your weekend routine.
Pier 66 Maritime
New York, NY 10001
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