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200 5th Ave
New York, NY 10010

A large, visually stimulating playground for Italian food lovers with 7 restaurants, 2 cafes, 11 retail food counters, and 1 wine shop. Despite becoming a tourist hot spot with its Batali-Bastianich partnership since its opening in 2010, Eataly has become a classic destination for light shopping, taking-away, and dining in.

For those who have trouble settling on a destination to dine, Eataly is not a place that helps the decision-making process. While there is no wrong way to do the Italian labyrinth that is Eataly, I tend to be drawn toward the more casual Birreria on the roof, which has a selection of insanely well-priced cheese (a plate of 7 for $17) and beer that will impress any aficionado. In the summer months, the views, drinks, and food, make for an ideal setting to waste away an afternoon or evening wishing you were really in Italy, but happy that you at least settled in New York.

The much more formal Manzo’s pasta dishes like the Agnolotti with fior di caprino, robiolia, and pesto, and the Gnocchi with spicy tomato sauce and creamy ricotta are a bit too safe and simple for the price. When divine Italian food is in order, venture elsewhere, because it’s in the casual marketplace settings that Eataly truly excels.

Truly authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas can be ordered at La Pizza & La