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Colicchio and Sons

85 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011

A beautiful mix of high-end dining with flawless and welcoming service and deftly prepared dishes with new and old American influences. A meal here is something every New Yorker deserves on a special occasion.
Yes, for those who know him primarily as a judge on "Top Chef" on Bravo, Tom Colicchio is a celebrity. But after a meal at Colicchio and Sons, it's clear that Tom Colicchio is an exceptionally ambitious chef, restauranteur, and businessman with a depth and breadth of knowledge on dining and food that most cannot even begin to fathom. There is a sophistication in cooking here that is truly beyond reproach, with some arrestingly perfect dishes that stand out in an already extraordinary menu.
The tasting menu is the best choice to truly appreciate the expert American collection of dishes with classic French and Italian influences. During my most recent visit, I enjoyed a phenomenally silky and creamy pate before a perfectly cooked pasta dish with wild boar, jalapeno, and rosemary, which was a disarmingly rich and addictive dish that I just couldn't stop eating.
Service is knowledgable and warm, adding to the exquisite atmosphere, making dining at Colicchio and Sons truly a special experience unique to New York. And afterwards, there really is no wonder why Mr. Colicchio is such a national celebrity.
85 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011
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