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Caliente Cab Co.

61 7th Ave S
New York, NY 10014

Caliente Cab Company has banked on the fact that there will always be a market for massive margaritas and indifferent Mexican food in New York City, and three decades of service have certainly not proved it wrong.
Despite offering 64 unique dishes across the menu, the food at Caliente Cab is still undoubtedly an afterthought. While almost every table seems to desperately order overpriced and underseasoned guacamole to quickly balance the copious amounts of liquor about to be consumed, the freshly made staple served in the ever adored molcajete is still only adequate, heavy on tomato and skimpy on cilantro or any flavor that could actually cost the restaurant money, resulting in an almost grainy texture that doesn't hold up to the overflowing baskets of too-thin tortilla chips.
Kitsch notwithstanding, it's the $15, 24-ounce margaritas in souvenir hurricane glasses, tempting each table to intoxicate quicker than the last, that constitute the principle ingredient of every meal at Caliente Cab. The crowd doesn't seem to know (or care) what kind of tequila is in the drink as long as it is present in ample amounts, and many diners quickly take advantage of the extra shot for $1.75, which the waiter quickly offers with a wink, knowing how to instantly win over his group.
The drinks, the atmosphere, and the location make it great for groups (particularly those larger than 6 that call ahead a few minutes) that aren't looking for anything better than salsa that tastes like spicy marinara sauce and sweet, frozen drinks that go down a bit too easily.
61 7th Ave S
New York, NY 10014
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