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Café Minerva

304 W 4th St
Manhattan, NY 10014

A charming, often overlooked space in the West Village whose large glass windows and quaint art on the walls radiate comfort and affection from 7 AM to 11 PM every day of the week.
Cafe Minerva manages to draw locals into its bright, pleasant space primarily because of its rich cups of coffee and wine menu that features 20 bottles for $20, absolutely the best deal in the neighborhood. The massive bar and several antique espresso machines complete the space's simple, refined, and almost European vibe, and while the food itself isn't anything particularly special, the quality is still exceptionally high for the price tags, with many options like the Artisanal Cheeses featuring selections from Sullivan Street Bakery. With this easy formula combined with superb hospitality behind the coffee and wine bar, Cafe Minerva manages to seamlessly transition between day and night with comforting food and drink for everyone.
Cafe Minerva
304 W 4th St
Manhattan, NY 10014
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