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535 Laguardia Pl
New York, NY 10012

A one-note restaurant with hints at creativity, Bareburger can comfortably satisfy the burger craving in everyone, particularly that one vegetarian friend who will never understand the Black Label Burger, lurking just 3 blocks away.
It's hard to rival the diversity found at Bareburger, as they can serve up patties made from beef, turkey, quinoa, mushroom, black beans, fried chicken, grilled chicken, jerk chicken, lamb, boar, elk, bison, and ostrich. Its variety alone makes it worth a stop, and even if you're not the creative type, Bareburger has organized some ready-made combinations to put you at ease. Falling somewhere between upgraded fast food and The Spotted Pig, Bareburger's offerings are reasonably priced, even if they are just burgers.
Service is typically on the slower side, but not painfully so. It only becomes a problem if you come famished and destroy your burger instantly (been there), and have to wait 20 minutes for any kind of attention from the wait staff. In the warmer months, the outdoor seating at this location makes up for the slower pace. At the end of the meal you'll leave satisfied and full after good, low-key, family friendly kind of experience.
535 Laguardia Pl
New York, NY 10012
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