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99 Favor Taste

285 Grand St
New York, NY 10002

An ideal spot for large groups and parties that somehow manages to balance cheer and rowdiness with class and cleanliness. Reservations are a near requirement for evenings on the weekends, as is arriving on time to maximize the full two hours of all you can eat hot pot or BBQ.
While the name of this two-story Chinatown destination was certainly lost in translation, the food served here was definitely not. Ingredients are kept simple, light, and fresh, with virtually any meat, seafood, or authentic vegetable imaginable offered. When it comes to the soup bases, the Kimchi Style, Spicy Style, and Original Style are the best three, full of sizzling flavor. Because all of the meats and vegetables arrive raw for you to cook, they tend to risk being achingly underseasoned, a quick fix if one is a bit conscious.
The BYOB option also promises an atmosphere that feels more like a party, and there's always a risk that the table next to you is going to be full of 20-somethings visiting Chinatown for the first time and determined to live out the rest of their night according to the lyrics of Timber. Yet the slick black tables and red accents generally temper such unruliness with a more sophisticated appeal, letting you know that at the very least, pounding on tables is not welcome here, despite the loud and echoing interior space.
The service is also typically very quick, bringing trays of food to the table swiftly once ordered, and the sheer amount of locals in the restaurant let you know that this tried and true New York neighborhood favorite will continue to prioritize taste over tacky.
285 Grand St
New York, NY 10002
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