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    Always talking with my mouth full.

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    March 16, 2016 · East Village,Date Night,BYO
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    Top 10 New York City Restaurants

    An ever-evolving list of my top 10 favorite places to dine in the city that never sleeps.

    1. Le Bernardin
    2. Eleven Madison Park
    3. Craft
    4. Babbo
    5. Scarpetta
    6. The NoMad Restaurant
    7. Betony
    8. Union Square Cafe
    9. Bâtard
    10. Blue Hill

    New and Noteworthy

    You're on my radar (on my radar), on my radar (on my radar).

    1. Gabriel Kreuther
    2. Vaucluse
    3. L'Amico
    4. Jams
    5. Black Barn
    6. Seamore's
    7. Sadelle's
    8. Fuku+
    9. The Ribbon
    10. Bruno Pizza

    Mexican in New York City

    Outdoor Drinking

    New York City Food Halls


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    Hi! I'm Ali, the perpetually hungry blonde behind the blog. I've been writing restaurant reviews for myself and for my friends for the past few years, but only recently decided to create a website devoted to showcasing them. I credit this decision to my infinitely wise mother, who asked me over dinner one day as I was discussing my latest review and new chef crush, "If it's what you love, why don't you just do something with all of these?" And so I did.


    I first got into food and restaurant criticism when I fell irrevocably in love with New York after spending a summer in the city when I was still in college. After finally graduating from Princeton and moving into a cozy apartment in Chelsea, this love affair with the city and its food turned into an all-consuming pastime. I'm fascinated with New York. My professional work is in architecture and city planning, and this forcible study of how the city is put together and functions has made me feel deeply comfortable in its overwhelming mass, but it is my love of exemplary food, restaurants, and hospitality that has made me dependent on the city for life and pleasure, and has conveniently also made me an expert of a culture so endemic in New York.


    I take my reviews very seriously (though I am known to drip a little sarcasm here and there when it's appropriate), do plenty of research, and only judge a restaurant against what it says it is trying to be. At the end of each review, I just hope that I have inspired you to try a new place, perhaps look at it in a different way, appreciate the food on your plate a little more, and just have fun in my favorite way.


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about the work that I do, and keep checking back for new reviews every week!